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Level-5 making a triumphant return to Tokyo Game Show


In 2011, Level-5 sat out TGS in favor of its own "Level-5 World" event. TGS organizer CESA sent out a list of exhibitors for the 2012 edition of TGS today, revealing that the Professor Layton developer is back on board this year. Whether that means the usual giant, crowded booth remains to be seen, but Level-5 is no longer sequestering itself to the "business meeting area."

The total number of exhibitors is up to 171 companies, including 63 from outside of Japan. That's more than the 146 total companies who signed on for TGS 2011, even without Microsoft. Of course, that may not necessarily lead to an increased profile or importance, as we totally haven't heard of a lot of these companies.

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Press Release
June 28, 2012

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 to Expand the Exhibition Scale
Advance Tickets and TGS Supporters Tickets go on sale on July 11!

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

The Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA; Chairman: Shin
Unozawa; location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), in cooperation with Nikkei Business
Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP; President & CEO: Kohei Osada; location:
Minato-ku, Tokyo), will hold the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 over a four-day
period from Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 23, 2012 at
Makuhari Messe in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. The number of
exhibitors and their names (as of June 26) was announced today, along
with ticket information and other updates.

[TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 (as of June 26, 2012)]
Number of Exhibitors:171 companies
Number of Booths:1,592 units
*See the attached file for details on exhibitors.

As many as 1,592 units are expected to exhibit in the event this year,
which far exceeds last year's 1,250 units. Of the 171 exhibitors to date,
68 exhibitors from overseas are going to exhibit at this time, which is
ultimately far higher than the final number of 63 overseas exhibitors
last year. Not only Japanese game-related companies, but also
international game-related companies are expected to provide information
in a positive way at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012. Don't miss the wide
variety of organizer's projects, including the TGS Forum, Asian Game
Business Summit, "e-SPORTS" event, and Cosplayers event as well as
company exhibitions.

The popular TGS2012 SUPPORTERS CLUB tickets (\3,000 with privileges, tax
inclusive) and advance tickets (\1,000, tax inclusive) will go on sale
on Wednesday, July 11. We will also be accepting "Advance Registration
for Business Days," exclusively for those in the gaming industry, as we
did last year.

[Tickets for general visitors]
Advance tickets for general visitors and TGS2012 SUPPORTERS CLUB tickets
with special privileges go on sale on Wednesday, July 11.

■Advance tickets
・Sale date: Wednesday, July 11
・Price  : Adult(junior high school age and older):\1,000 (tax inclusive)
・Sold at : TGS official website

・Sale date: Wednesday, July 11. Sale of these tickets will be finished
as soon as the predetermined number of tickets sells out.
・Price: \3,000 (tax inclusive) *If they wish to receive privileges,
these tickets will be required also for children of elementary
school age or younger (excluding infant babies).
・Sold at: TGS official website
・Privilege: The package includes a TGS SUPPORTERS CLUB T-shirt and a
special pin. Ticket holders will be given priority admission
to the Show for a set period of time from the door open.
・Remarks: Please note that only a limit number of TGS 2012 SUPPORTERS
CLUB tickets are available.

[Business Days registration]
The TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 will welcome Business Days visitors who can be
attended either one of the following two methods: "invitation ticket" or
"Advance registration for Business Days." If you have an invitation
admission is free. If you don't have, one will be issued after a
review to confirm that you are in the gaming industry after you fill in the
entry form on the "Advance Registration for Business Days" page on the TGS
official website. Entries will be accepted from early August. These tickets
can be used for admission during the two Business Days: Thursday, September
20 and Friday, September 21. The advance registration fee is 5,000 yen (tax

[Organizer's Projects]
■TGS Forum 2012
Keynote lectures as well as four special paid sessions -"Console Game
Session," "Cloud Game Session," "Social Game Session," and "Gamification
Session" - will be held. Details will be announced in July.

■Asian Game Business Summit
"The Asian Game Business Summit" held last year will also be held this
year. Details will be announced in July.

■Cyber Games Asia
An "e-SPORTS" event will be held at a special site at Hall 1. Top players
who have won preliminaries in Asia and Japan will be invited to participate
in a competition centering around the game title such as the FPS. Details
will be announced at a later date.

■Cosplayers Event
Cosplayers event site will be expanded more than that of last year. A stage
event attended by Cosplayers from Japan and overseas is scheduled to be
held on the first public day. Details will be announced at a later date.

■TGS Tours
Domestic and international TGS official tours are planned this year as
well. Tours from overseas include those from Asia, North America and Europe.
These official tours combine accommodation for the day prior to admission
and an entrance ticket with "jump-to-the-front-of-the-line" admission.
Entries will be accepted at within the
official website of TOKYO GAME SHOW.

■TGS Official Goods
TGS official goods will be sold this year at TGS official shops inside
and outside the venue during the show. The lineup will be expanded with a
wider variety of products. Details will be announced at a later date.


Event Title: TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012
Organized by: Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)
Co-organized by: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP)
Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Period: September 20 (Thursday) Business Day (10:00 - 17:00)
September 21 (Friday) Business Day (10:00 - 17:00)
September 22 (Saturday) Public Day (10:00 - 17:00)
September 23 (Sunday) Public Day (10:00 - 17:00)
*Admissions on Business Days are limited to members of the industry
and the media.
*On Public Days, the doors may be opened at 9:30 depending on circumstances.
Venue: Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture)
Exhibition Hall 1-8, and International Convention Center
No. of visitors: 195,000 (estimated)
No. of exhibitors: 171 companies and organizations (as of June 26)
No. of booths: 1,592 units (as of June 26)
Tickets: Adult: advance tickets, \1,000; at the door, \1,200 (tax inclusive)

Elementary school age or younger: free
TGS Support Club: advance tickets \3,000 (tax inclusive)

[Download site for the press]

Various press materials, such as photographs from last year's venue, are
available from the download center. They are available for use after
logging on to the address below.
   (A press ID must be entered. ID: tgs_press, password: press_tgs)

■TOKYO GAME SHOW Official Website:

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