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Uncharted Waters Online expands to include The Wild West

MJ Guthrie

Yippee-kai-ya and get along li'l doggies! The Wild West is coming to Uncharted Waters Online, bringing with it the chance to explore and discover national monuments in the prairies, grasslands, and steppes of the North American continent. The Great Plains expansion, the third chapter of the Tierra Americana expansion, also introduces a new colony that is the only place in the world where certain grains can grow, which encourages players to build their own cities in that region.

What else can seafaring adventures expect in this expansion? The chance to visit the scholarly city of Oxford, the ability to learn the pirate code, new vessels, and new ways to store stuff are all included. And what better way to celebrate a new expansion than by participating in the Epic Sea Feud from June 28th through the 30th? Hoist the anchors and join the fray!

[Source: CJ E&M press release]

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