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Apple alters App Store algorithm yet again


Apple tinkered with its App Store algorithm last week and changed the search position of some apps by ordering results based on user ratings and an app's description. This morning a report from TechCrunch suggests the Cupertino company has tweaked the algorithm again to add some weight back to the app's name and keyword.

This change was detected by Tomasz Kolinko, developer and founder of App Store analyst company Kolinko noticed the change when his own app, Love Letter Writing, appeared in searches for the terms "advice" and "writing advice." Last week's change had removed his app from these keyword search results. Besides Kolinko, several other iOS developers told TechCrunch that their apps now appear in relevant keyword searches.

This change may be inconsequential to users, but to developers, these tweaks influence SEO and search position within the app store. It's a big deal as a positive ranking could increase sales, while a negative change could decrease an app's potential revenue.

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