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Far Cry 2 creative lead Clint Hocking exits LucasArts to ventures unknown


Clint Hocking is no longer working at LucasArts. The man behind the original Splinter Cell, Chaos Theory, and Far Cry 2 was working on an unannounced project for LucasArts (said to be something other than Star Wars 1313) as creative lead. In his surprisingly concise announcement post (Hocking's known for his verbosity), he said, "I recently left my job at LucasArts and am moving on to something new."

Hocking didn't leave a forwarding address, as it were. "I will let the world know where I am going once I get there," he said. "Unless you already know." As you probably already guess, we have no idea where Hocking's headed. He is, however, "relocating," though it's unclear if that means he's headed out of San Francisco. "I already have something lined up and I am currently in the process of dealing with the living hell of relocation."

Apparently LucasArts already took The Force back from him, post-employment. It would've made moving so much easier!

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