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Lantronix announces XPrintServer Home Edition for iOS wireless printing


Back in January I had the pleasure of reviewing the Lantronix XPrintServer. It's a handy little US$149.95 box that businesses can use to easily make networked printers visible to iOS devices. At the time, I remember thinking that a home version of the XPrintServer would be really popular. Well, Lantronix announced a home version about a week ago at a lower price point -- $99.95 -- and it will be shipping in July.

As noted in the review, the XPrintServer is great for those situations where you want to be able to print from an iOS device, but don't want to have a PC or Mac turned on all the time running something like Ecamm's $19.95 Printopia.

The XPrintServer Home Edition differentiates itself from the Network Edition (new name) with the addition of a USB port. Through a USB hub (not included), the Home Edition can support iOS printing of up to 8 USB printers. Like the Network Edition, it also supports networked printers, although only two can be used with the Home Edition while the Network Edition supports an unlimited number.

One other major difference is that there are no tools for printer access management built into the Home Edition. The XPrintServer Home Edition will be sold at a number of online retailers and also through the Lantronix website. Expect to see a full TUAW review of the Lantronix XPrintServer Home Edition soon.

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