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Over 800,000 enlisted in Battlefield 3 Premium so far


In its first two weeks of availability, over 800,000 individuals have signed up for Battlefield 3 Premium. "We are very pleased with the performance so far," EA Games' Patrick Soderlund told USA Today. Still, Soderlund exercised caution on the outlook for Premium. "We're actually only two weeks into it, so it's a little early to tell how this is going to pay off. It certainly it looks very promising right now." Since launching in October, Battlefield 3 has shipped 15 million copies, Soderlund says.

Battlefield 3 Premium, announced a few weeks back at E3, gives those who plunk down a one-time fee of $50 early access to all DLC content, which non-Premium members must pay for piecemeal. The PS3 also has a weeklong exclusivity window for Battlefield 3 DLC – after that week, the DLC is then available to PC and Xbox 360. The first expansion pack, Close Quarters, is currently available on all platforms.

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