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Breakfast Topic: When do you play WoW?


Despite the stereotype, most of us don't sit around all day playing video games, no matter how much we might like to. Some 99.99 percent of us are not planning our next killing spree, either -- well, out of the virtual world, at least. We have responsibilities, friends and family, other forms of leisure, etc.

We Azerothians have a choice: We can either play when we can, in between our other activities, or we schedule our WoW (or other gaming) sessions. Of course, hardcore raiders must set aside specific blocks of time, but those of us who don't have a raid schedule to keep to may also plan when we play. I am fortunate to play whenever I want or need to -- very fortunate -- though I have other responsibilities that keep me from participating in group activities during the day. (There is nothing like a successful bedtime for a gaming parent. Well, any parent.)

Are you able to play whenever you want, or do you have to squeeze World of Warcraft in as you can? Do you keep to a strict schedule, or do you just grab time after work, after dinner, whenever? When do you play WoW?

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