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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is vaguely in love


Wrapup devotees might notice that this week's post is a day late. That would be inexcusable if I weren't celebrating the love two of my best friends share at a their joint bachelor party (which involved relaxing on a boat for a lengthy period of time followed up by a baseball game). Apologies to our readers, but love conquers all.

I wish there were a great way to convey this in video game form. Lust and infatuation are fairly common in video games, but what about true love? Some JRPGs approach the matter in an intriguing way, where the bonds between teammates grow stronger as their adventure intensifies. But is it love? I get the impression that some of the emotions shown are vague, fleeting fits of joy that lack the depth of true love.

Love is a difficult emotion to get across in games, as players can only be told about the feelings shared by characters. Without really "feeling" and understanding that connection themselves, players don't get the full effect of witnessing something powerful and honest. To me, that means it's more than likely these games exist, but are also dependent on other factors to make that emotion shine. Maybe more characters need to invite the player to celebrate their love firsthand. That means we need more parties on boats in video games.

I encourage you to show last week's webcomics a little love, and then vote for your favorite after the break!

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (GG-Guys)
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