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Darkfall kicks off its ultimate promotion

Eliot Lefebvre

Whether you're currently playing Darkfall, a former player with interest in the state of the game, or an onlooker curious about the game, today brings you good news. Today is the start of the Darkfall Ultimate Promotion, an event slated to run until the game gets its major version 2.0 upgrade. That means that new players can start off playing the game for just the price of a month's subscription and all players can enjoy the discounted subscription rate of $9.95.

The promotion isn't limited to the subscription fees, however; the game has multiplied skill gains by 20 as previously reported. Global loot drops are quadrupled as well, giving players plenty of opportunities for major rewards. If you've got any interest in Darkfall, today is probably the day to go back or head in for the first time, as these benefits will fade as soon as the game launches its major reboot.

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