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Eligium is shutting down

Eliot Lefebvre

The game's full title is Eligium: The Chosen One, but as it turns out, the game wasn't chosen after all. Following evaluations of the game's performance and player feedback, Frogster has determined that the game simply isn't up to the company's standards, and so Eligium is shutting down as of July 17th. Forums for the game will remain open until the 19th for players to say goodbye and possibly coordinate on moving to a new game.

Players who had acquired shop currency or items in the game will be reimbursed through store credits to other Frogster games. Direct refunds will not be available, and further purchases are already disabled. Players will also benefit from regular Experience and Soul Point boosts until the live servers are shut down so that everyone can enjoy one final romp. The game's official site is already unavailable, marking a sad day for all those who did enjoy the game during its brief life.

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