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Ex-Visceral team's first iOS title, Catch the Ark, is suspiciously happy


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Some of the folks who worked on Dead Space and Dante's Inferno now have a mobile studio, PlaySide, and unless the above image is hiding a dark secret, its first game is a drastic departure from its violent, intense past. Catch the Ark is an endless runner starring "three lovable characters that weren't allowed on to Noah's Ark," and who are doomed to raft down raging rapids and floods to survive. Actually, that does sound pretty dark after all.

Catch the Ark is in development for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and is set to launch in Q3 2012. PlaySide promises "console-quality" graphics, unlockable elements, multiplayer modes and social features, alongside those three adorable almost-animals doomed to drown in an ancient apocalypse. Or something less sinister, but we're banking on doom and gloom for this one.

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