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MobileMe closed, grab your stuff now


It's official -- Apple shuttered the virtual doors of MobileMe as of yesterday. Knowing that some people still haven't moved their files from the warehouse, Apple is offering a limited-time second chance.

Heading over to right now, you'll see the screen shown above. On it are links to get an iCloud account set up (finally), download your photos from the Gallery, and grab any files that you totally forgot to download from iDisk.

You might be surprised what you find! I thought I had downloaded everything from MobileMe, but I actually had four Gallery albums full of iPhone photos and videos from the pre-Photo Stream era. I have to laugh -- when I tried downloading those albums in Safari, I kept getting .download files that weren't complete. When I tried the same downloads in Google Chrome, they quickly stalled out. It could very well be that MobileMe is being overloaded by those who waited a few days too long to download their files or move to iCloud.

MobileMe closed, grab your stuff now

One other note to those who tried out the beta in the past: Apple is giving you until July 31, 2012 to grab those important files that you moved into the vaults back in the day when you thought that was the future of iWork documents. If you are a beta user of iWork, you should receive an email similar to the one seen above. Full instructions on how to move your critical documents can be found here.

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