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Apple tests new iCloud beta features


Developers who are enrolled in the iOS 6 beta are now able to see a new iCloud Beta portal at that is complete with new versions of Calendar and Find My iPhone, as well as two new iCloud additions -- Reminders and Notes.

The expected timeframe for the general release of the new iCloud features is the same time that iOS 6 launches -- this fall. Changes that are apparent in the beta (according to a post on MacRumors) include a revision to Find My iPhone that shows the approximate battery life of the device you're trying to find, a web version of the iOS Notes app complete with yellow lined paper, a web version of the iOS (and soon OS X Mountain Lion) Reminders app.

Apple announced during the WWDC 2012 keynote that more than 125 million people now use iCloud. It's good to see that all platforms -- OS X, iOS, and the Web -- will have nearly identical apps by this fall.

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