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EU ruling forces digital distribution to allow game transfers, may lead to legal account sales

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're completely done with your account for a game, you may be tempted to sell it... but doing so usually nets you the wrath of the publisher and a ban on the account, rendering it useless. But that may be changing in the near future. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today that publishers must allow the resale of digital licenses for software by the user, regardless of what was stated in the original EULA for the game.

While the precise wording might be confusing for those members of the audience not versed in legalese, the upshot is that services such as Steam must allow a way for users to sell their existing games to others, even if the EULA forbids it. This precedent could easily extend to resale of game accounts, since the key used to activate your Star Wars: The Old Republic account qualifies as a license enabling play of the game. No word yet on whether or not this will extend to the US, where many of the game companies in question are based.

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