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Free-to-play details for Vanguard released

Vanguard is drawing steadily nearer to its free-to-play conversion, which means it's time for some facts and some FAQs. To that end, a set of answers to common questions has been posted, along with a handy chart outlining the differences that will exist between free and premium accounts once the switch to F2P is complete.

Premium membership will cost $14.99 a month, which will buy you such perks as access to all of the races and classes (as opposed to only six and seven, respectively), extra character and bag slots, unlimited gold, full item access, and more. Along with the ability to create guilds (instead of only joining them) and full access to unlimited banking slots, fishing, and in-game mail, premium customers will also receive full customer support and no in-game pop-up advertising.

Players with ongoing Vanguard subscriptions will find those accounts automatically converted to premium status; these accounts will become free once that subscription runs out. As a special thank-you to loyal players, anyone with a past or present Vanguard subscription will be able to play all of his or her characters (even if that character would normally be blocked from a free account) and will have 12 available character slots (even though free accounts normally have only four).

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