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Last Week in WoW: I hate July edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. After this week's news, I think we can safely say that we all hate July. I don't mean we hate it because it's too hot or because fireworks are too loud or whatever. I just mean that August is so much more awesome. Apparently, all the really cool stuff is happening in August. Whether it's a new cinematic or a new novel, we're getting lots of cool new stuff in August. Who knows? We might even get a new expansion in August, at this rate. Basically, what I am saying is that July is horrible and needs to be over with soon.

Speaking of being over soon, today's maintenance starts at 5 a.m. PDT and lasts only six hours. Still, that's a decent chunk of time, so why not read on? There's a lot of cool news from the past week to catch up on, even if it's all about stuff that won't happen until August.

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