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MechWarrior Online to hold community day in sunny Santa Clara

Do you love beer and pizza? Do you love MechWarrior Online? Do you love it enough to write up to 100 words about how much you love the game and deserve to attend a special event celebrating MWO?

You do? That's so weirdly convenient because on July 27th, Nvidia will be hosting an invite-only MWO Community Day, and the only way to to score an invitation is to write 100 words or less about why you are so very special and should totally be part of this event. Each entrant has to be at least 21 years old, available on the July 27th, and able to travel to and stay in Santa Clara, California, on his or her own dime. If you fit those qualifications and are selected to be an attendee, you'll enjoy a chance to meet with the development staff, view demos, learn more about the tech behind the mechs, fight in-game for a chance for prizes, eat pizza, drink beer, and be merry.

Interested? Check out the official forum thread for full details on the community day and contest.

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