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Miyamoto sees potential for museum guides to be a 'core business' for Nintendo


Nintendo's Audioguide Louvre, 3DS software designed to assist self-guided tours of the Louvre museum, may seem like a weird, random lark, but Shigeru Miyamoto is much more serious about the software than we thought.

"One big thing I recently handled is the Audioguide Louvre - Nintendo 3DS, referred to earlier in this meeting," Miyamoto told investors during a recent Q&A. "This has not made money yet, but it has the potential to be one of our core businesses in the future."

Later, in a nod to the announcement, reaction to, and eventual retraction of the announcement of Miyamoto's eventual retirement, Miyamoto admonished the assembled shareholders. " I should be careful about telling you about these things and I would like to add that we are not announcing any concrete business plans here. I would also be glad if you carefully tell someone else about my remarks."

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