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Report: Xbox co-creator backing $99, Android-based game console (and all its games are free!)


What is "Ouya," besides an amusing onomatopoeia? It's reportedly the concept for a $99, Android-based game console that has some very interesting backers.

We've got original Xbox cheerleader Ed Fries, and acclaimed designer Yves Béhar. The former is said to be serving as an advisor on the project, while the latter is said to be developing the device. The supposed task is to develop a game console that can be connected to a television with an open development platform; better yet, all its games will be free.

This is all according to a listing on startup website AngelList (since pulled, detailed on The Verge), which apparently counted a variety of other big names on its masthead. Several images are also available (including the one above), but it's worth noting that they're all concepts for now. The various games seen on the console's dashboard are, naturally, Android titles.

We reached out to Ouya representatives, but haven't heard back as of publishing.

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