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Where in Warcraft: Oh, it's so on!


Right. So the last edition of Where in Warcraft I thought was a little bit harder. None of my WoW-playing friends knew where it was just from the picture -- but you, WoW Insider readers, you're just too darn good! The first correct response was from Marcscgm, who correctly identified the chap's final resting place south of Forge Camp Fear and west of Oshugun, even going so far as to provide coordinates!

Well done there, that man! I salute you for your Nagrand knowledge and would like to present you with a ceremonial book and wine goblet, with a lovely rock plinth to enjoy them on.

But it seems we need to get far more serious here, people. You know your way around too well, and it's just no fun if it isn't difficult (well, no fun for me, anyhow!). I want to be the diabolical quizmaster, OK? So, this next edition represents a little jump up in difficulty; we're creeping up gradually. As the title suggests, it's so on! I will find a place nobody gets, eventually!

This submission is from the lovely Eiji, and it's a cave. Oh, yes. I went there. A cave with a rock outside it with a paladin on it. No more clues!

And I loved the suggestion of blocking out parts of the picture! If I'm not successful in my attempts to confound you, I will definitely start doing that.

So a recap: Guessing an entire zone is no good. I have to be able to find my way to this location with your directions. Coordinates are great, but not a requirement! Happy hunting.

There's so much in Azeroth (and Outland!) just waiting to be found. Tip us off. If you've found a fabulously quirky landmark, hidden treasure, or special hideaway somewhere in Warcraft, drop me a line at with your screenshot. You could be featured in a future edition of Where in Warcraft!

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