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Samsung Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Ace 2 resurface, get proper launches in Singapore and Taiwan


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Samsung has been quiet on the subject of its second-generation Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Ace 2 ever since they showed together in Barcelona this February, but the two just reemerged as close buddies for an initial launch in East Asia. The Galaxy Beam receives the grandest introduction, as it's coming to Singapore on July 7th followed by a more nebulous mid-July release for Taiwan residents. Those craving tiny, dual-core TouchWiz will have no choice but to flock to Singapore and pick up an Ace 2 at the end of the month. There's no word on where else they'll go on their respective world tours, although the cash outlay is strictly in the middle of the pack: we're looking at S$648 or NT$16,900 ($513 or $566) off-contract for a Galaxy Beam, while its more diminutive cousin carries a S$438 ($352) price tag on similar terms.

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