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Sprint's white EVO 4G LTE reportedly set for July 15th release, BOGO on Epic 4G Touch in tow


Are you a Sprint customer with a penchant for LTE technology and white handsets? If so, listen up. Intel leaked to blog TechnoBuffalo seems to indicate that the Now Network's very first LTE-toting handset will be hitting store shelves, in snow white, on July 15th; obviously, we're talking about HTC's latest spin on the EVO, the EVO 4G LTE. The albino set, much like its hued brethren already in market, will set you back $200 with a signed two-year commitment, or can be had for $550 contract-free. As an added bonus, it looks like Sprint will also be serving up a buy-on-get-one-free offer on Samsung's Epic 4G Touch. Purchasing one 4G Touch -- scheduled to get Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future -- for $99 on-contract will allow you pick up a second set for the always attractive price of $0. Any takers?

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