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Apple becomes Asia's second most popular brand


A company called Campaign Asia-Pacific has released the results of its latest survey, examining the popularity of various brands in Asia. Apple has reached number two on the list. The company from Cupertino has topped big names like Sony and Panasonic, and jumped up along with Nestle (which is also growing hugely in Asia lately) to take the second spot inside the top five.

But Apple still has a little climb to go. Samsung is currently still the top brand in the Asia region, and that's a company that's going head up against Apple itself, both in patent battles and on retail shelves. But Apple's growth is still huge, especially when you consider that this is a survey of all consumer brands. Clearly, consumers in that region are interested in high quality electronics, and Apple's making a big push to get noticed over there as best it can.

[via AppleInsider]

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