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Apple, Samsung drop more claims in upcoming trial


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The trial between Apple and Samsung in the US District Court in California is slated to begin at the end of July, and both companies are making final preparations for the case. Part of this process requires each company to pare down the number of claims it is asserting in the case, reports FOSS Patents.

Earlier this year, Judge Lucy Koh ordered the two companies to limit the number of claims in the case, which the companies did on May 1 and May 7. On Tuesday, another round of reductions was submitted to Judge Koh for review. According to FOSS Patents, Apple dropped its infringement claim on its multipoint touchscreen patent and narrowed its trade dress claims by removing references to Samsung's packaging. Samsung, likewise, dropped its total number of claims from 15 down to 9. Koh will examine these changes and decided if further reduction is needed before the trial.

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