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RuneScape opens Evolution of Combat beta this weekend

MJ Guthrie

Much has been said about RuneScape's upcoming combat upgrade, and this weekend, folks will have the chance to test out The Evolution of Combat for themselves. Starting at 5 a.m EDT on Friday, July 6th, and lasting until 5 a.m. EDT on Monday the 9th, all RuneScape members will be able to join the 50,000 current beta testers in playtesting the new features like dual-wielding.

If you happen to miss this one, don't worry -- three more open beta weekends will follow. However, players whot manage to take part in all four weekends will be rewarded with a unique mad scientist outfit.

For more about the upcoming changes, check out Massively's interview with Mark Ogilvie, Lead Designer from Jagex.

[Source: Jagex press release]

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