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Breakfast Topic: Tell us about your most epic WoW death


Xigwa posted a list of epic ways to die in WoW over at the official forums. Some of them are doable in game, while others are just fun things to imagine, such as "Tell Garrosh his head is too small." Many forum posters chimed in with their ideas, including Blizzard employee Crithto:

I'm actually quite fond of Stood in Fire. Each time one of my characters has died to the flames, I spend another several minutes maximizing my camera distance to gaze in awe at the firestorm.

07/05/2012 11:34 AMPosted by Xigwa
5. Plan your wedding in the middle of Orggrimmar and invite all your Alliance buddies.

I have just found new motivation to locate the missus!

My favorite ways to die aren't exactly epic. I enjoy complaining about dying to the Undercity elevator boss -- and I get to complain very often. I love when The Spousal Unit leaves himself underwater while going AFK, only to find himself drowned when he returns. It's particularly fun when he does it in full raid gear. He's really good at that one.

I tend to fly on autorun and go AFK. I come back to find myself in the middle of nowhere and too fatigued to return to safety in time. You'd think I could remember where my body ends up since I've died that way enough times. I probably have to spirit rez. I should go test it out.

After an It came from the Blog Mother's Day event a few years ago, we all decided to drown in a shallow pool of water. I'm not quite sure why this seemed like a good idea at the time, but there you go. Maybe it was all the "your mom" jokes in The Barrens.

What do you think would be an epic WoW death? Have you died that way before? If not, what is the best way you've come face to face with the spirit healer?

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