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Halo 4 multiplayer footage details Infinity Slayer, Regicide and Personal Ordnance

Jordan Mallory

The good ship UNSC Infinity will play quite the hands-on role in Halo 4's various multiplayer modes, delivering ordnance both to teams and to individual players themselves, provided they've done an awesome enough job during the fight.

Unlike previous Halo games where kills would only accrue points for your team as a whole, Halo 4's Personal Ordnance system introduces a secondary, personal inter-match progression system to provide a little extra self-centered motivation. Medals acquired through kills, assists and "style" gameplay (ending a kill spree, killing someone attempting to hijack a vehicle, etc) fill up an Ordnance Meter, which upon being filled completely will allow the player to select from three randomly generated rewards, two weapons and/or grenades, plus one power-up.

Each additional round of Ordnance takes 30 percent more gumption to acquire, with most players acquiring one or two rewards per round, according to The Halo Bulletin. Check out the footage above for shots of the system in action, as well as a look at the game's new multiplayer modes Infinity Slayer and Regicide.

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