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Learn how to machinina with Bloodvein


In my opinion, one of the best parts of WoW's incredible community is the machinima it produces. Machinima unleashes astounding talent, great stories, fun songs, and a general roundup of all the creativity we hold near and dear about our hobby. Machinima is just plain awesome.

At this point, though, it can be tough to get started. Technique and technology have grown so complex that machinima can be incredibly intimidating to a new creator. That's why Bloodvein has put together a series of tutorials to help new machinimators get started.

Bloodvein's information goes far beyond simple things like "use Fraps." He talks about how to color correct characters, how to control noise with Audacity, and much more. If you've ever considered getting started with machinima, Bloodvein's tutorials are the best place to begin.

He's even making available assets and project files on his website. You won't need it all right away, but this is a ton of great information -- for free. Even if you don't plan on making your own movies, you should still check it out. You'll get a better appreciation for the work that goes into the craft.

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