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nTelos starts selling iPhone without contract, Apple's prepaid sphere grows a little larger


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Virginia's nTelos was part of a big regional carrier push for the iPhone in April. At the time, though, the only real option at the carrier was to spring for one of the company's full-fledged smartphone plans, usually on-contract -- not a bad value at $80, but a tougher case to make when there's Cricket and Virgin Mobile iPhones available with a cheaper rate. As of today, nTelos is offering a much sweeter deal for the commitment-phobic. If the $550-plus full price of an iPhone 4 or 4S stays palatable, the option is now open to go prepaid at $55 a month for unlimited voice, messaging and data with nTelos' FRAWG Nationwide Unlimited Everything plan. You'll still want to reside in the state for nTelos to truly make sense, but if you regularly cheer the Hokies with pride, going the Apple route just got a lot more flexible.

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