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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is building a dynasty


I'm addicted to NCAA Football 13's Dynasty mode. Granted, you'll hear all about it when our review of the game goes up early next week, but something occurred to me while I was indulging in the game's fairly deep recruiting process: I love side quests and meta-games.

While the root of NCAA 13 is the game's on-field football action, players are destined to spend more time meticulously building a star-studded roster of young talent for their school in Dynasty mode. Playing "GM" in sports games can be a fun, strategic time sink, but finding joy outside of a game's primary source of action isn't limited to this genre.

In fact, when I think back to my time spent in my favorite PlayStation RPGs, Final Fantasy VII/VIII and Star Ocean: The Second Story, I recall my favorite moments in racing chocobos, engaging in card game battles and combining materials to make weapons. The argument can be made that any single game isn't necessarily based around one type of play mechanic.

This also means that as video games continue to evolve, facets of each one could click with players in an exciting and varying way, making it less realistic for players to expect their peers to experience games the same way they do. Since not every artist creates their work for the same "purposes" then, we encourage you to check out last week's batch of webcomics to find what you connect with and vote for your favorite after the break!

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