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Breakfast Topic: What removed game feature would you like to see back?


Matt Rossi recently wrote a long article about how he thinks attunements must never return to WoW. Personally, I absolutely agree with him (for a change!) I think attunements are unnecessary hurdles that limit access to content for rather arbitrary reasons and are nothing more than an inconvenience. I'm glad they're gone! However, I know that other members of the WoW Insider team desperately loved attunements and would rather like them back, so it's very personal.

It got me thinking, though. What removed feature would you like returned? Are there any removed aspects of the game that you miss, or are you heartily glad that everything that was removed is gone for good?

I can certainly think of examples of the latter. Training individual weapon skills? Man, I'm glad that's gone. I remember at about level 60 equipping a polearm that was a huge upgrade and having to spend hours smacking low level mobs with it to get my polearm skill up! I definitely don't miss that.

I do sort of miss class-specific quests, though. The one where you have to fight a demon to get a warlock pet? That was great! I really felt it added to the feel of a warlock, subduing and enslaving demons. More warlocky, somehow.

And the big one, the one I'd really love to see returned? Skirmishes. They were the predecessors to wargames, basically similar to the Dungeon Finder but for Arenas. They were a great way to try out new comps without fearing losing rating or to practice Arenas by yourself with nobody else around or just mess around with friends without having to totally mess up your rating. Bring back skirmishes, I say! Wargames are nice, but why can't we have both?

How about you, then? Are there features you'd love to see returned? Or do you say good riddance to all the removed features of the game?

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