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    Daily iPhone App: Dabble challenges you to spell words quickly


    Dabble -The Fast Thinking Word Game is an iOS word game that mixes Scrabble with word jumble and throws in a timer. It is based on a new and popular board game created by a 84-year-old inventor George Weiss and distributed by INI, LLC.

    Dabble presents you with 20 letter tiles that you arrange into words. You are given five minutes to spell five words including a 2-letter, a 3-letter, a 4-letter, a 5-letter and a 6-letter word. You get points for each word you spell and for the time it takes you to complete the board. The app supports GameCenter so you can compare your scores to other players. There's also a multi-player option that'll allow you to challenge your friends via Facebook.

    Dabble is an enjoyable game that'll appeal to adults and kids alike. It's also useful for improving your child's spelling skills in a fun and exciting way. Dabble -The Fast Thinking Word Game is available now for free (regular price US$0.99) from the iOS App Store. You can download a version for the iPhone or a version for the iPad.

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