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Minimalistic weather app does a few things very well

Mel Martin

Ah, yet another weather app. There are so many, but Weather Neue is free, and rather than having a thousand features, maps, and animations, it does what it is does in a very clean, minimalistic way.

When you start the app, it grabs your location. Then it spins up your current conditions and a four-day forecast. That's it. No radar, choice of multiple cities, cloud maps, front depictions, or fancy background graphics. You get your temperature, sky conditions, humidity, wind speed and direction, plus the prediciton.

It uses an attractive Helvetica font, and the only settings are metric or US, and a choice of 4 background colors.

After using the app for a few days I've grown to like it. It's to the point and gives me what I need in a quick glance. I have other apps that will warn me of imminent storms, flooding and other weather woes, but Weather Neue does the basic job in elegant style.

The app is not universal, and an update is coming to fix a bug that prevents it being installed on an iPad 1 or 2. The app requires iOS5 or greater.

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