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Not So Massively: LoL's Jayce patch and D3's endgame woes


Blizzard admitted that Diablo III lacks a long-term endgame this week and explored five options to nerf players who swap to magic find gear before the final blow on an elite or boss. Upcoming free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile explored its own plans for a long-term endgame in a new video looking into its map system. Blacklight: Retribution also officially released on Steam this week, giving players a free Portal weapon tag in-game.

League of Legends released details of the balance patch that accompanies new hybrid melee and ranged champion Jayce this week. The patch will nerf global ultimates and is set to bring some big gameplay changes for Orianna, Nunu, and LeBlanc. Dota 2 released classic heroes Dsruptor and Undying this week as competitive tournament The Defense gets underway. Heroes of Newerth launched its massive Game HoN contest this week, giving away hundreds of dollars' worth of alt avatars to anyone who plays 25 matches before this coming Friday.

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Diablo III players say Linux app got them banned, Blizzard rebuts claims
Did a Linux app result in a permanent ban for several Diablo III players? Those affected say yes; Blizzard says no.Players who were using a program called Wine to run Windows applications on Linux machines flocked to the Diablo III forums to report that they were finding their accounts banned.
Blizzard admits Diablo III lacks 'long-term sustainable end-game'
Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to rectifying it. And for Diablo III fans, Blizzard's recent admission that the game is lacking a sustainable endgame gives hope that the problem is on the road to recovery.
League of Legends summer arena qualifiers kick off July 10th
Some people are competitive in their gaming, and then there is competitive gaming. For League of Legends players, the competition can also have a huge payout.
Jayce is coming to League of Legends with a transforming twist
It smashes, it flashes, and it makes Jayce a unique character in the League of Legends roster! It's the amazing Mercury Hammer or Mercury Cannon, the transforming weapon wielded by the aforementioned Jayce.
The Soapbox: League of Legends is the new World of Warcraft
Every now and then, a game comes out of nowhere with such incredible financial success that it causes the games industry to completely lose perspective. All it takes is one game to start raking in the millions for developers, publishers, and investors to stumble around with dollar signs in their eyes for years to come.
New champion Jayce is coming to League of Legends, and the hybrid melee and ranged character is sure to shake things up. In addition to the new champion, the Jayce patch comes with a whole series of balance changes and gameplay tweaks to existing champions. Developers aren't happy with Orianna as she's difficult to play effectively and her abilities can feel clunky and unresponsive. As Orianna relies on chaining abilities together in quick succession, her global cooldown will be reduced to let her chain more effectively.

Each of Orianna's ball commands is also being modified: Attack will have a significantly shorter cooldown but lower damage to compensate; Dissonance will have its ability power coefficient increased; and Protect will receive an increase in cast range. Orianna will also now need fewer stacks of her passive buff to play effectively. Nunu has been rebalanced to be a more effective jungler, and underused champion LeBlanc is getting some buffs to make her competitive.

The patch also brings minor tweaks to dozens of champions and a big nerf to the cooldowns of several global ultimates. Check out the official patch notes for a full list of changes, and watch the video below to find out why the changes above are being made.

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Dota 2 has added classic heroes Disruptor and Undying and enabled Rubick, Wisp, and Luna in Captain's Mode games following extensive testing and bugfixing. Dota TV has been having some technical problems streaming competitive tournament The Defense this week, but Valve assured players that the system is now stable in time for the end of the group stages.

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If you're excited for upcoming free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile's endgame map system, check out the video below from Grinding Gear Games showing the mechanic in action. Response to the map system is been incredibly positive, and the 45 base types of map is sure to create huge replayability in the endgame.

The video shows the Eternal Laboratory that uses maps to create portals; it also shows off a few of the map affixes that add additional challenge and loot to spawned dungeons. Currency items can be used to craft new maps by rerolling the stats on a magic map or upgrading the map to add bonus loot drops.

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Free-to-play MOBA Heroes of Newerth is running its massive Game HoN contest this week to encourage people to play more matches with friends. Every player who completes 10 games before Friday, July 13th, will receive a free creepy doll alt avatar for hero Puppet Master. Play 25 games and you'll automatically win a huge store bundle full of alt avatars and icons valued at 3,190 gold coins or 15,960 silver coins.

If you queued with friends for 10 of those games, you'll get an additional set of alt avatars, icons and taunts valued at 2,464 gold coins or 13,207 silver coins. Only normal mode and casual mode games qualify for the contest, so unfortunately you won't be able to win by playing the popular new MidWars game mode.

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If you haven't picked up online FPS Blacklight: Retribution and you want to see what all the fuss is about, you'll be glad to know the game officially released on Steam this week. You can pick the game up through steam for free or buy a starter pack full of guns, equipment and microtransaction points at a 50% discount. Steam users will get an exclusive orange portal weapon tag if they reach level 5 before July 16th.

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Last week, we mentioned that Diablo III players were starting to use macros to swap to their magic find gear before dealing the killing blow to elite monsters. Blizzard has been looking into ways to solve the problem, and this week, the studio published a blog with five proposed solutions and asked players for feedback.

Option 1 is to set a cap on magic find to make it easier to hit the cap using normal combat gear, a choice that players aren't very happy with. Option 2 is to slowly increase magic find over time after your magic find gear has been equipped, which would eliminate the bonus if people swap in the moments before an elite's death. Option 3 is a simpler system that uses an average of your magic find for the previous five minutes, and option 4 is to completely zero a player's magic find for 3 minutes after swapping gear. Whichever system Blizzard chooses, the plan is to add more magic find to compensate for the nerf. Nephalem Valor stacks may be buffed or a new source of magic find may be introduced.

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