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The Walking Dead FPS's Comic-Con swag is all ears


Like, literally. As in, "Here's a necklace of zombie ears," which might be a bit less disgusting if it weren't a necklace of human ears. San Diego Comic-Con attendees can snag the gruesome jewelry by rushing over to Activision's booth and (ugh) pre-ordering the upcoming Terminal Reality-developed Walking Dead FPS.

Only the first 100 on-site pre-orders get the "extremely limited edition version of Daryl's 'walker ears' necklace," so, uh, don't rush if you don't want the super creepy necklace. We're kinda leaning toward that option, actually.

The Walking Dead first-person shooter is getting its first big showing at SDCC 2012, but it won't be playable. Take a look at the 2013 title in a new trailer below the break.

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