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Amazing Spider-Man's DS game spun by Dark Void Zero dev


Activision's Amazing Spider-Man game came in PS3, Xbox, Wii, 3DS, and DS flavors. Activision hasn't shown or talked about much outside of the HD version, to the point that this is likely to be your first look at the DS version – which has been out since June.

Developer Other Ocean Interactive – known for Dark Void Zero, among other things – got in touch with Joystiq to let us know it was responsible for the DS Spidey game – which, like previous DS Spidey tie-ins by developers like Griptonite, eschews the big-screen games' 3D action for hand-drawn, side-scrolling 2D.

It's a different take on the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, just like the movie was a different take on the origin story for some reason.

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