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Diablo 3 auction house now has gems and other commodities for real money


Blizzard has pushed patch 1.0.3b live in Diablo 3, and in addition to a few random bugfixes with General chat and the tutorial sequences, the patch brings another wrinkle to real-money spending with the game. You can now buy various in-game commodities (including gems, dyes, and crafting and leveling materials) with real money, which means Blizzard has turned an unofficial black market for items in Diablo 2 into a very official real-money market in Diablo 3.

Gold sales still aren't live, but Blizzard says it hopes to enable real-money purchasing of in-game gold in the future. In the meantime, however, you can now put money into your account and buy away, or try to sell your in-game items for real money. For better or worse, it's game on.

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