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Dungeon Defenders 'Sky City' DLC now available on Steam

Jordan Mallory

The fourth and final installment of Dungeon Defenders' DLC saga Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards -- "Sky City" -- is now available on Steam for $3.99. As seen in the trailer above, the DLC appears chock full of biplanes, ogres with impractical jet packs, and jewel-encrusted troll dolls from the depths of monstrous terror.

It also includes two new campaign missions (with two accompanying bosses), six new cinematics, a "Catarang" pet, a Boss Rush challenge mission, eight legendary hero costumes, a Sky Captain Initiate costume, 20-plus new weapons/accessories and "even more secrets for the true, Ultimate Defenders," according to the announcement. Those who prefer defending dungeons on their PS3 or 360 will have to be patient, however, as console versions of the DLC are still listed as "coming soon."

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Experience the epic conclusion to the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, with Part IV: Sky City. Journey above the clouds of Sky City to recover the red eternia shard, and combine the shards to complete your quest and rescue your parents!

Available now, on Steam for $3.99. Coming soon to XBLA & PSN! Also check out Dungeon Defenders, and a bunch of the DLC, on sale now for 66% off on Steam.

This DLC includes:
2 new Campaign Missions
2 new Bosses
6 new Cinemas concluding the Dungeon Defenders Story
The Goblin Copter Enemy
The Catarang Pet
Boss Rush Challenge Mission
8 Legendary Hero Costumes
Sky Captain Initiate Costume
Over 20 new weapons and accessories
...and even more secrets for the true, Ultimate Defenders!

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