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Hello Kitty Sonic is first character collaboration from Sanrio and Sega


This is a picture of Hello Kitty as Sonic the Hedgehog. Please, take a minute from your hectic, stressful day and really let the majesty of that concept sink in. Enjoy the contrast of bright blue against fluffy white and red; pay attention to the detail of the gloves, the golden buckles and traction lines decorating her shoes, the adorable button nose.

Disregard all thoughts of how exactly Hello Kitty got a hold of Sonic the Hedgehog's skin. Don't question the amount of fanatical cutting and sewing it would have taken to make a hedgehog pelt fit over a cat's ears. Pay no attention to the determination in those black eyes. We're sure Sega made sure Sonic was treated with all the respect owed him.

Sega and Sanrio are joining forces to create a series of character collaborations, the first of which is the adorable Hello Kitty Sonic we've dissected (too soon?) above. The Sonic x Hello Kitty Jumbo Plushy will be available at Sega amusement parks in Japan starting in late July, made to commemorate the re-opening of Sega's Tokyo Joyopolis on June 14.

The Sega/Sanrio crossover project will strike worldwide in summer 2013. Until then, enjoy the Hello Kitty Chun Li plush that will be available at Capcom's booth at San Diego Comic-Con for $40. Enjoy it, lest we end up with a line of Hello Kitty "You" toys in the immediate future.

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