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Awesomenauts update out soon, adding new characters and balance tweaks


The Awesomenauts update that Ronimo has been teasing for two months is "almost ready," according to a post from the developer on PlayStation Blog. The update will make some tweaks to the game's balance and items, and add two new characters. The new combatants, first discovered in May, are Coco Nebulon (complete with hover-board) and Derpl Zork, a slug who utilizes a walking tank.

Coco uses electricity attacks that are good at harassing enemies and punishing those who chase her. Derpl, meanwhile, seems to be an area-control specialist and is able to turn his tank into a stationary turret.

There's no specific launch date for the update just yet, though Ronimo promises it will be "very, very soon." The update, characters included, will be free on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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