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    Daily iPhone App: Photo Mapo turns your photo into a postcard-style map that you can share


    The next time you go on vacation, you might want to install Photo Mapo from Ripe Bytes on your iPhone before you head out. The app is more than just a photo frame. It's a photo-mapping app that will take your photo, display it on an attractive map and allow you to share the resulting composition with your friends and family.

    The app lets you take a photo or use an existing image from your camera roll. It pulls the GPS data from the shot and finds the location on a map. You can customize the style and the zoom level of the map, add a description and then combine them both with your photo. In the end, you get an eye-catching composition that you can send to a friend. Photo Mapo has a fun, touristy feel that makes you want to go on vacation just so you can use it.

    Photo Mapo is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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