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Diablo 3 character profiles preview now available

Matthew Rossi

We all know about the World of Warcraft site's Armory feature. Now, this official preview over on the Diablo III EU site shows off the character profile system coming for DIII. If you're familiar with the armory, it's not going to shock or surprise you. Character profiles will present your character's gear and accomplishments for other players to look over. Yes, this means my poor abandoned barbarian (fun to play, but I got bored grinding gear) will forever be presented to the world in all his not particularly impressive glory.

Unlike the WoW armory, the profile page will be linked to you, with a career tab that presents all of your characters and a heroes tab that gives detailed listings of equipment and skills for your individual characters and their followers. If you have ideas for features you'd like to see, be sure to leave some feedback.

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