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Research firm says League of Legends tops WoW as most-played PC game

Jef Reahard

Well, it's official (sort of). The World of Warcraft-killer has been named, and they're calling it League of Legends.

A research firm known as DFC Intelligence has released a report claiming that Riot's MOBA was the most popular PC game in North America and Europe last year in terms of hours played. The title took home the top spot with 1.3 billion hours of activity, while WoW dropped to second place with 622.4 million user hours.

The numbers purportedly represent "a list prepared by extrapolating from actual usage data from more than 21 million Xfire members." The top 10 list also includes MOBAs and MMOs like Heroes of Newerth, Diablo III, MapleStory, and World of Tanks.

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