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WoW Moviewatch: Letters from Icecrown


When I finished watching this movie, I sat back in my chair and thought "Huh." I'm really, really not sure what to make of it. Let me explain.

I like the idea. Flashing still images over a spoken letter with hints of backstory, humor, and maybe even roleplay -- that's all good. The music? Good choice. The accent and actual dialogue are all fine.

The final product just didn't come together for me, though. Since the whole thing felt like a love letter, was the "your loving cousin" a joke? Or had I just wildly misread the relationship? Also, for a spoken word presentation, I'd definitely speed up the actual speech by a lot. I'm sure my attention wandered in a few places. Without some hardcore eye candy to keep the focus, the spoken dialogue needs to happen a lot faster.

I don't know -- what are your opinions? I see a kernel of cool, but I think the pacing needs improvements.

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