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Soul Captor Online goes into open beta, adds two new classes


C'mon kids, those souls won't capture themselves! Soul Captor Online, the MMO that revolves around absorbing and reusing souls for noble purposes, boldly ventured into open beta as of today.

To celebrate Soul Captor Online's open beta, the CM team is putting on a series of events. The first of these is an in-game anima hunt that will reward the winners with prizes.

In addition to the four classes shown in the closed beta testing phase, Gamania has added two new classes for the open beta: the Celestial Master and Mystic Fighter. The Celestial Master is a strong support class that buffs teammates while debuffing the enemy, while the Mystic Fighter is a melee warrior who relies on evasion to keep the worst hits from landing.

You can check out the introductory video for these classes after the jump.

[Source: Gamania press release]

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