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The Secret World's July content patch teased, world-altering changes discussed

Jef Reahard

Don't look now, but it's another article about The Secret World. Shock! Awe! Raaaaage! OK, seriously. Rock, Paper Shotgun has been looking at Funcom's private parts, specifically the parts coming in the newly released game's first major update.

Earlier this week Funcom posted its plans for monthly content patches, and the first such will apparently feature some new missions. Most of the new content will focus on investigation missions, with some additional ARG elements added in for good measure.

Funcom also has a notion to morph The Secret World's er... world with each monthly update. MMOs are notoriously static enterprises; the only thing that really changes in any of these games is our character stats. TSW is taking a different road, though, and concerns about latecomers missing out on content are apparently not as important as creating a living world with an actual history. RPS cites a hypothetical involving the killing off of a major story mission NPC, and the site goes on to suggest that The Secret World will evolve "not through procedural wizardry or player action but rather through the guiding hand of a team of writers."

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