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PSA: Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III finally arriving in stores today


Despite some lucky folks claiming they'd received their GS3 order a bit earlier than expected (and others still patiently waiting for delivery), a good chunk of Big Red customers were eagerly looking forward to this past Tuesday, only to be brought down by an unexpected delay. Thankfully for them, though, it looks like today's the day the Verizon faithful can finally snag one of Samsung's chart-busting Galaxy S IIIs. As you may or may not know, the network's offering both the Marble White and Pebble Blue flavors of the device, with the 16GB running at $200 and the spacier 32GB selling for $250 -- naturally, this will require a fresh two-year deal. If all that sounds good, then head over to your nearest retail store to get in on the human-centric experience -- or you could always take the easier route and snatch one up straight from Verizon's site.

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