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ArcheAge sends invites for next closed beta, earns Mature rating in Korea

MJ Guthrie

As if to test out the official site after a maintenance, XLGAMES doled out a double dose of ArcheAge news. First, players were informed that the first wave of invites for Closed Beta Test Five have gone out to players who met two requirements: CBT4 stress test participation on February 17th and hitting level 25 in CBT4. Others who have applied to test will still have a chance to get in to CBT5 during more invitation rounds based on a lottery selection method.

The second news posting explains that XLGAMES received and accepted a new rating of Mature in Korea for sexual content, blood and gore, and drug abuse. The company indicated that new and future sandbox features in the game would probably have disqualified the game from a Teen rating eventually.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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