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Asteroids is joining the ranks of MMOs

MJ Guthrie

Ever wondered what some of those fun arcade-style games of yore would be like as an MMO? We'll soon find out because Wildbunny is converting the classic game Asteroids into mmoAsteroids. Not surprisingly, the game involves dodging or blasting asteroids that tumble through the two-dimensional space around you while opposing players try to gun you down.

By visiting the site, players are given the actual chance to try their hand at the game with the embedded pre-alpha tech demo. Players are placed on either the red or the blue team. Those wishing to participate in the open pre-alpha testing can register on the site, which allows progress to be saved automatically.

The entire enterprise is being undertaken by a single developer, Paul Firth. To further the game's development, he is offering players the ability to purchase a choice of special, limited-edition in-game avatars that will not be available when the game launches. More information is available on the official site.

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