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Google delivers My Tracks 2.0 for Android, includes playback in Google Earth and aggregation of statistics

Darren Murph

We've long since been fans of Google's My Tracks app -- perhaps the only issue is the Android exclusivity, at least for those using Windows Phone, iOS or BlackBerry. Of course, Columbia's GPSPal accomplishes some of the same tasks, but even it will need a major overhaul to compete with the feature set in My Tracks 2.0. Available now for no charge in the Play Store, the new route tracker adds the ability to play back your tours, runs, etc. on Google Earth for Android. Moreover, it now aggregates statistics over time to show trends in performance, and we're told that the user interface is "simpler and faster." Those who weren't so keen on the prior build's charting system may also dig the newfangled charts / stats tables, which are said to be "easier to read." So, how's about that midnight run in Crystal Lake?

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